LINEUP Display

The first three columns on the left and the last three columns on the right are self-explanatory. Note that in Lineup errors are modeled as hits, and the pitcher range rating is actually his PHC#, since range for pitchers is fixed at 2. The first three columns include the effect of clutch situations as a weighted component (assuming that clutch situations arise about 12% of the time - this factor can be altered at the user's discretion).

CBA - batting average for that player in clutch situations.

Runs - offensive runs created by that player if he were to be the entire lineup.

Gaussian W% - winning % estimate based on applying a Gaussian statistical model to the difference between estimated runs for the two teams.

Pythagorean W% - based on the sabermetric 'Pythagorean formula': "the ratio of wins to losses is equal to the ratio of runs for squared over runs against squared (W/L=Rf^2/Ra^2)". The top value is derived from the basic OBP and SLG estimates and the bottom value is based on a small refinement in estimated slugging based on some esoteric statistical considerations.

Team Averages

Summary measures of lineup batting average, OBP, and SLG are given two columns to the left of the player names while the two different runs created estimates for the lineup are given below in the same column. The impact of player running speed is included in these values (it isn't included in the per player estimates in the leftmost four columns in order to preserve the difference between the pure 'hitting card' and overall player capabilities). The 's' is an estimate of the standard deviation of the Rg measure. The two values labeled 'Def' give the amount of OBP and SLG points that this lineup adds to the pitcher's card, e.g., Andy Ashby's card OBP is increased by 0.0109 (i.e., a 200 card OBP would become a 210.9 card OBP) and his card SLG is increased by 59.1 due to the defense behind him.

Batting order is not taken into account in Lineup (team values are straight averages) since to do so would make direct tradeoffs between players more cumbersome as it would force the user to specify a new order each time players are substituted. Lineup also presumes that you have entered a valid team - it doesn't check position coverage.